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Solar-Ecity provides 5-years Warranty and 40-years Guarantee to buyers that will only be valid for Solar-Ecity Solar Power Plates and Solar Power Systems. Warranty cards with product's serial number will be provided at the time of purchase. For MPPT/Charge Controllers, 12 V and 24 V Batteries the warranty of manufacturing company will be applicable. In case of LED strips, if any of the LED fuses it can be easily replaced with a new one. These are specially manufactured only for Solar-Ecity Power Plates. No warranty or guarantee is applicable on these LED strips.

The Warranty Start Date (for Solar-Ecity Solar Power Plates/System) is the date of delivery of the Product(s) to the Buyer.

The mentioned Warranty does not apply to any Products which have been subjected to
a) Modification, customer repair, misuse, abuse, neglect or accident;
b) Failure to comply with Solar-Ecity's installation manual/catalogue;
c) The product's type, name plate or serial number is changed, erased or made illegible
(other than by any act or omission of Solar-Ecity);
d) Exposure to improper voltage or power surges or abnormal environmental conditions (such as
acid rain or other pollution);
e) Any deterioration in appearance of the product (including any scratches, stains, mechanical wear,
rust, or mold), or any other changes to the product which occur after delivery to the Buyer and do not
constitute a defect if it materially impairs the product’s functioning.
f) Defective components in the construction on which Solar Power Plate/System is mounted;
g) Exposure to mold discoloration or similar external effects;
h) Exposure to any of unauthorized modifications or connections, unauthorized opening, servicing by use of unauthorized spare parts, accident, force of nature (such as lightning strike, earthquake), influence from chemical products or other acts beyond control (including damage by fire, flood etc.)
i) Use of the Products in such a manner as to infringe Solar-Ecity's or any third party's intellectual
property rights (eg. patents, trademarks).

As Buyer’s sole and exclusive remedy under this Limited Warranty, Solar-Ecity will, in its sole discretion with regard to the applicable Product (or component thereof in the case of Mounting Product):
a) Repair the defective Product(s) at no charge or
b) Replace the defective Product(s) or part thereof by a new or remanufactured equivalent at no charge. Solar-Ecity shall not bear transportation charges may it be air freight, and any other surface transport costs for returning the defective Product(s) to Solar-Ecity. Shipping the repaired or replaced Product(s) to Buyer will be free of cost. The same clause shall be applicable to international buyer. The costs and expenses for their removal, installation or reinstallation shall remain with buyer.
c) The warranty period(s) shall not extend or renew upon the repair or replacement of a defective Product. The warranty period for replaced or repaired Product(s) is the remainder of the warranty on the original Product(s).
d) All other claims under this Limited Warranty against Solar-Ecity shall be excluded. Under this
Limited Warranty, Solar-Ecity is not responsible for any special, incidental or consequential damages (including loss of profits, harm to goodwill or business reputation, or delay and damages)

Buyer shall notify Solar-Ecity immediately after discovery of any claim under this Limited Warranty by letter, or e-mail to the customer support

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*All disputes are subject to Delhi Jurisdiction.